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*goes to a party and awkwardly follows friend around the entire time*

*goes to a family reunion and awkwardly follows mom around the entire time*

*goes to hell and awkwardly follows satan the entire time*


Get To Know Me meme - (10/10) favorite anime/manga series


“There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world. 
There is only the inevitable.”


So I always think about this, but does anyone else ever think about how strong Fai really is? Magically I mean? Throughout the series, we don’t really see Fai use his magic until the very end, and even then there’s so much going on that it’s kind of hard to tell what he’s even really doing. It seems like he uses his magic more to aid Kurogane and defend them all from the attacks being delivered.

But let’s look at this. As newborns, Fai and Yui’s combined magical power rivaled the king’s, which I’m guessing means they were really freaking powerful babies. Before they’re locked away, I’m guessing they’re not allowed to use their magic or to learn anything about magic, because if they got any ideas after hearing how much they’re hated and had knowledge of how to use their powers, they could try and fight the king and could very possibly win.

Then they’re put into the pit, where time flows differently and you can’t use magic. So they’re there, most likely not really growing with the flow of time and unable to use their magic at all, and isn’t it a thing that the more they use their magic the more it grows? I’m guessing that the growth of their magic kind of… stops during their time in the pit.

Then Ashura comes and takes Fai. Immediately after leaving the pit, where his magical growth must have been so stunted, he is still stronger than Ashura. Then Ashura puts the tattoo on him so that his magic won’t grow anymore, which means it will stay at the same level it was at when he was a child and had just started learning magic from Ashura in Celes. By the time the series starts and Fai is an adult and several times older than Kurogane’s current age, Fai’s magic is still at the same level it was when he was a child, Ashura’s magic has grown from the killings, and Fai’s magic is still more powerful than Ashura’s.

Yuuko’s magic was stronger than Fai’s when he arrived at her shop with the tattoo, so imagine how powerful he would be if he had grown up without the magic suppressor? When Fai loses his eye, we learn that his right eye grows weaker while his left eye grows stronger, and Syaoran is going all over the place fuckin shit up with that left eye. So when Syaoran gives Fai his magic back, it’s stronger than it was before.

Clow Reed is said to be the strongest wizard ever, but he’s dead in Tsubasa. Fei Wang Reed is not as strong as Clow, but is still very very strong and it’s his mission to prove that he is stronger than Clow by reviving Yuuko, who might fall somewhere in between the two of them. But by the end of the series Yuuko and Fei Wang Reed are both dead. My headcanon is that with those three dead, Fai is now one of the strongest, if not the strongest, wizard alive.


lotr/the hobbit places, 60 years apart

I want to hear more about Sam.

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FAVORITE MOVIES » The Chronicles of Narnia (2005/2008/2010)
↳”I’m on Aslan’s side even if there is no Aslan. I want to live like a Narnian even if there is no Narnia.


do you ever get in those moods where you don’t know how to feel and everything kinda feels mixed up and you’re just sitting there alone in your room trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with you

xxxHOLiC: Shunmuki

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Oh god…..its your birthday? Happy Birthday!!!!!! Have a nice day!!!! Mine is cloudy here but i hope its the weather you like it there…..

Aaaaaw, thank you so much! Sorry I’m late in replying. The weather wasn’t so bad, just chilly. Thank you for saying so though, it’s so sweet of you! <3

Hahaha….your welcome….it was a really random thought, i mean the weather thing….so whats your birthday present?

Well, my bestie took me out for lunch then to see ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ as an early birthday present, then Mom took my sisters and me out for dinner on the actual day. :)

#The movie was great and hanging with my bestie was awesome  #Then on my actual b-day my anxiety wanted to act up so dinner with Mom and sisters was kind of horrible  #But oh well whatcha gonna do right  #I’m sure if my anxiety wasn’t a thing it would have been great XP  #Pretty great presents considering the whopping nothing I got the last two years. XD  #But that’s okay I don’t ask for presents anymore  #Not that I mind getting them ;)  #I just know Mom can’t afford it  #So again this year was pretty special I guess :)  #CS: talks 

Uwaahhhhhhh, so it was a treat from your friend….Listen here, your friend is one of a kind, a diamond amongst piles of rubbish….Don’t let her go…..ever

*flips table* everyone says it was a good movie…. I wanna watch it tooo……T___T…..


Oh trust me I know, I try my hardest not to let her go all the time. XD Her boyfriend takes up a lot of her time though, so I rarely get to see her anymore. XP Oh well, nothing I can do about it; I just cherish the rare times we do get to hang out all the more.

Aaaaw, I hope you get to see it! :O It was definitely a pretty cute movie, though if I’m being completely honest, a bit clichèd.

Yeah, I think I have social anxiety, so meeting strangers and being in large crowds and having to do something I could get wrong gives me anxiety attacks, where all I want to do is cry and it’s hard to breath and I tremble and stuff like that. But from what I’ve read it’s not nearly as bad as what others can get so really I’m just being a big baby. XD

What is boyfriend….. your best friend boyfriend = thirdwheel in a friendship…..totally understand you
Awwwww….cliched? nevermind there is Groot…..
Mine is being quiet the whole time with no expressions….i often being mistaken as an arrogant scary bitch… i rarely meet new people because i hate that impression….

Well I’ve always been the thirdwheel so it’s nothing new, really. Though, you’d think I’d be used to it by now. XD

It was still a great movie, don’t get me wrong. It’s just nothing that hasn’t been done before, in my opinion. Very basic.

Yeah I understand that too. I hide behind sunglasses and low hats and my family. :P I guess I too could be taken for a scary arrogant person, though no one’s told me so. I wouldn’t ask either. :P

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SC_0201 (by William Lai)

SC_0201 (by William Lai)

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Does anyone else feel really guilty when they start talking about their own feelings and then immediately regret saying anything because you just feel so annoying and pathetic and ugh

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