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Underrated Moments + [Ryan’s moral courage and decision-making in ‘Always’]
Castle Theme Party | Challenge #11


manga meme
[2/6 male characters] —
Watanuki Kimihiro (xxxHolic)

"If dreams can come true by wishing hard enough— I want to meet you again! So… I’m going to stay here in the shop, Yuuko-san, and wait as long as it takes… for you!"


To stop a habit, you must consider why you want to quit in the first place, what is it that brings you back to it, and why do you find it so difficult to stop.

The desire to quit has to come from you, otherwise, you will inevitably fail…

you didn’t let me down, you let yourself down.

You can say that you’ll stop, you can swear that you’ll quit. You can claim to change.

But empty promises aren’t going to save you..the best tools you have in life are action and sincerity.

Whether you quit a bad habit or begin a good one, full commitment is everything. You must be committed to yourself..

Sometimes you must put yourself first to help those you love.

" —

Yuuko Ichihara


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Regina Mills Meme — Relationships (1/4)

Prince Charming - David Nolan

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